BerandaEnglish45 People Share Their Simple Solutions For Everyday Problems

45 People Share Their Simple Solutions For Everyday Problems

Life hacks can be a work-around to better manage your schedule and daily activities. They are meant to make your life better! There’s no excuse for not choosing the sensible way when there are so many creative life hacks on the internet, day after day.

The internet is full of helpful hints for living life to the fullest, you can find them on most social media platforms. And since these hacks are so popular, it means they work. But before reading this list, most people will ask themselves “where have all these life hacks been my entire life?” As you’ll see, they’re pretty impressive.

Here are some simple tips that will make your life easier and help you deal with all kinds of problems, from console-cleaning to mascara-wearing.

1. No more foggy mirrors

No more foggy mirrors
Source: Bartis

After a busy and enjoyable day, taking a warm shower is usually the best way to wind down at night. But the steam from your shower can make your mirror foggy, which makes completing your nightly routine difficult. You could always put shaving foam on your mirror to keep it from getting fogged up. Just let it dry, then wash it off! It’s easy peasy!

2. Who says alcohol can’t solve problems?

Who says alcohol cant solve problems

Bubblegum tastes wonderful and is enjoyable to chew until it’s left lying around. It can create a real nuisance for you if it’s constantly in the way on the floor. For example, you could sit down on bubblegum under certain conditions or step on it and ruin your shoes. You might not be aware of this, but you can remove gum using an alcohol-soaked Q-tip or cotton. Simply lightly massage the area around the gum’s attachment point with the cotton and the gum isn’t an issue anymore.

3. Can’t find your car? Chin up and place the remote under it!

Cant find your car
Source: Mclean

Whenever you park your vehicle, do you ever forget where it is? To help with this problem, some individuals use the remote key to unlock their car. This tells them exactly where it is when the car beeps. However, some remotes don’t have quite enough range for our liking. You can get a better range by positioning your lips near the controller. We don’t have any evidence that this helps; we’re just giving it a shot!

4. Helping you with the peanut butter situation

Helping you with the peanut butter situation
Source: barbhuiya

Nowadays, so many families have organic peanut butter in their cabinet as a growing number of individuals try to ensure that the meals their kids are eating are nutritious. As you probably know, there seem to be numerous variations of nut butter on the market. When stocking these jars of nut butter, all you have to do is turn them upside down to keep them from splitting too much. True, splitting will still happen, but it won’t be as bad and hopefully the butter will come out easier when combined with other types later.

5. Now that’s neat!

Now thats neat

Some of you who enjoy drinking soda with a straw might have encountered an issue of the straw getting pushed out by the carbon dioxide in the can. The straw is lifted out from the liquid because of this bubbling effect. That’s where this drink container comes in, as it has been specially designed to accommodate the aforementioned issue. You will be able to use the tab on the drink container to feed your straw directly into the opening and keep it firmly in place because of this design.

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