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NXT CON 2014

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by : Pop Era Dinamika (PED)

NXT CON 2014

Entrepreneurship will change the world. Be inspired.

NXT CON 2014 brings together entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and media for two days of all things tech. Through speaker sessions and informal discussions, the conference aims to excite the exchange of experiences and insights; to spur the conversations that will lead to new entrepreneurial ventures. NXT CON 2014 was created to bolster the continued growth of knowledge and investment in the Indonesian tech community. Participants can expect an incredible and unbeatable networking opportunity.

NXT CON 2014 is hosted by Pop Era Dinamika (PED), a company with a mission to foster connections and information exchanges between foreign and local entrepreneurs. PED is proud to bring you the inaugural event of NXT CON in Indonesia.

Tikhon Bernstam | Michael Seibel | Justin Kan | Daniel Kan | Adrian Suherman | Alfred Budiman | Andy Sjarif | Andy Zain | Anton Soeharyo | Aria Rajasa | Arief Widhiyasa | Bob Bao | Calvin Kizana | Enda Nasution | Gaery Undarsa | Handy Chang | Izak Jenie | Jaka Wiradisuria | Joulmer J | Marlin Sugama | Nayoko Kho | Peter Goldsworthy | Ryu Kawano | Sebastian Togelang | Turochas Fuad | William Tanuwijaya

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