JadiBerita.com is a media platform by and for our ever-growing readership, presenting intriguing and useful content. For those interested in advertising on jadiBerita.com, we offer various ad placement spaces available on desktop, mobile, and AMP.

1. Leaderboard

Leaderboard 2023
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2. Widget Sidebar

Sidebar 2023
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3. Floating Bottom

Floating Bottom 2023
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The Ads Requirements

  1. Advertising Material Guidelines
    • The total file size of the advertising material should not exceed 100kb.
    • The minimum ad placement duration is 1 months.
    • The advertising material can be changed twice a month.
  2. Prohibitions
    • Ads containing and featuring negative effects, hate speech, crime, malicious code, cybercrime, gambling, money games, illegal investment, false offers, are prohibited.
    • Links in the ad that lead to misleading websites, have malicious code, phishing, identity fraud, user data collection without consent, or inactive websites are also prohibited.
    • Including images that display body organs, pornography, violence, or anything that makes readers uncomfortable is prohibited.
  3. Social Supervision
    • Ads can be reviewed by the jadiBerita.com team if there are complaints from the public before or after the ad is published on the website.
  4. Steps to Get Started
    • Contact us via WhatsApp (+6285719722222) or email us at helo@jadiberita.com.
    • Send the advertising material and the desired ad slot.
    • We will check the eligibility of the advertising material.
    • If it meets our guidelines, we will publish it according to the agreed-upon terms.
    • Payment is made after the ad preview is displayed.

Latest updated 5 October 2023