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BerandaEnglishComprehensive Guide to Reliable Low-Interest Online Loans in 2023

Comprehensive Guide to Reliable Low-Interest Online Loans in 2023

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Dimas Drajat
Dimas Drajat
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Online loans with low interest have become a fast and straightforward way to access cash funds. These loans range from small amounts to larger sums, ensuring accessibility for a wide variety of needs. However, one must exercise caution to avoid falling prey to unauthorized and potentially harmful online loan providers. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the best low-interest online loan apps of 2023 that are recognized by the OJK (Financial Services Authority). These apps have garnered the trust of numerous users.

Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to be judicious in your choices regarding online loans. They should ideally serve as a last-resort solution for financial needs. Ensure that you are well-informed and can comfortably manage repayments to avoid defaults.

1. UangMe

UangMe is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending service operated by PT UangMe Fintek Indonesia. Established in 2018, this OJK-recognized low-interest long-term loan service has been licensed under OJK with license number SK: KEP-4/D.05/2021.

  • Products offered: Cash loans and PayLater.
  • Additional features: Lender services for those interested in investment opportunities.
  • Registered Information: UangMe’s official website contains detailed information about the board of directors, commissioners, and notable stakeholders, including PT Intidana Wijaya and Pixiu Technology Ltd.
UangMe Details
Loan AmountRp400,000 – Rp20 million
Loan Duration91-120 days
Interest Rate21.9% annually
Download UangMe APK

2. KrediFazz

KrediFazz offers easy, fast cash loans with competitive interest rates. The application process is simplified: provide an ID and a selfie, and approvals are typically quick.

  • Key Requirements: Residency in Indonesia, valid ID, and a minimum monthly income of Rp2 million.
  • OJK Supervision: KrediFazz operates under the purview of the Financial Services Authority, aiming to serve underserved sections of society, focusing on the lower and middle class.
Loan TypesAmountDurationInterest
Mini LoanRp1 million14 days0.5% daily
Jumbo LoanRp30 million3-12 months2.95% monthly
Cash LoanRp20 million3-12 months2.95% monthly
Download KrediFazz APK

3. Jenius

Jenius is a digital banking app introduced by Bank BTPN on August 11, 2016. It facilitates diverse financial activities, including saving, transactions, financial planning, and more. A distinctive feature, Flexi Cash, enables select Jenius users to apply for loans directly.

  • Loan Details: Loans range from Rp500,000 to Rp200 million, with incredibly low-interest rates starting at just 1.75%, and no collateral required.
  • Application Requirements: A valid ID and a minimum age of 21 years.
Jenius Details
Loan AmountRp500,000 – Rp200 million
Loan Duration1-36 months
Interest Rate0.99% – 3.50% monthly
Download Jenius APK

4. Kredivo

Kredivo stands out as a top-recommended digital credit card, allowing users to shop at their preferred e-commerce merchants. Its application process is notably swift and user-friendly, ensuring security at bank standards.

  • Flexibility: Choose loan tenures from 3 to 12 months with minimal interest rates of 2.95%.
  • Added Benefits: Zero down payments for purchases, with installments adjusted based on loan tenure and amount.
Kredivo Details
Loan AmountRp1.5 million – Rp30 million
Loan Duration1-12 months
Interest Rate0% – 2.95% monthly
Download Kredivo APK
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