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App to Change WhatsApp Ringtone to Announce Sender’s Name

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Dimas Drajat
Dimas Drajat
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We often miss notifications on our Android devices because we’re busy with other work. What notifications are we actually missing? Well, what if there was an app that could read your WhatsApp notifications to you as you wish? Exciting, isn’t it…

Imagine this situation: You’re enjoying a drive or even in the middle of cooking, and suddenly your phone rings. “Hmm, I wonder who’s sending a WhatsApp message this time?” you think. Then, “Hey, a message from Mom!” you hear from your phone. Wow, turns out there’s an app that can do this cool thing!

Yep! There’s an app called “Shouter” that seems to have this magical ability. Fun, right? So, it’s not just the usual WhatsApp notification sound, but with a magical touch, the voice seems to speak directly to you, “Hey, there’s news from Andi!” or “Oops, Yulia sent a message!”

Don’t think it’s just WhatsApp that can! Instagram, email, and a number of other apps can experience this ‘magic’ too. Besides being stylish, this feature is also safe while you’re driving. Rather than risk glancing at your phone screen while driving, better to listen to the cool voice from this app.

But, that doesn’t mean we can recklessly read messages while driving. Stay alert and focused on the road! Remember, safety first. So, ready to try out this ‘magic’ on your phone? Don’t forget, you can get this app without having to spend a single penny! Fun and economical. What do you think? Interested in trying it?

How to Install the App

Instructions for using the Whatsapp caller name announcement app can be found here:

First, you need to download and install the app, the link to which is provided in this article.

Second, when you open the app, you must choose the language of the voice notifications you want. You can select from various languages, such as Indonesian, English, Spanish, French, German, and others.

Third, you need to give the app permission to access your notifications, contacts, microphone, and location by tapping the “Allow” button on the screen. An app that requires these permissions can read notifications from other apps, inform you of the caller or message sender’s name, record your voice for voice reminder features, and notify you of relevant nearby locations.

Fourth, you need to select which apps you want to listen to the notifications for. You can do this by tapping the “App Notifications” button in the main menu of the app. You can then tick the box next to the name of the app you want. For example, if you want to hear WhatsApp notifications, you can tick the box next to “WhatsApp”. Additionally, you can set additional options, such as whether you want to only hear the name of the app and the content of the notification, whether you want to repeat the announcement or not, and other things.

Fifth, Shouter is an additional feature of the Alert Reader app. For instance, when your phone rings or there’s a missed call, you can activate the “Caller Name” feature to hear the name of the caller. You can also activate the “Battery Level” feature to hear how much battery your phone has charged. Moreover, you can activate the “Location Proximity” feature to hear nearby locations that might be useful to you, such as hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, and others. You can also activate the “Voice Reminder” feature to create voice reminders by recording your own voice.

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